For those that do not know, TLB Mallorca is one of the newer brands hailing from Spain but unlike the countless ones made by other factories, TLB is actually its own brand and factory. Started by Antonio Barcel?, whose upbringing in the shoe industry started at a young age but blossomed as one of the owners of Yanko (another one of the great brands of Mallorca), before deciding to have a run at his very own production, thus commencing his namesake brand TLB (aka Toni Llobera Barcel?) Mallorca.

TLB came out swinging with a calculated collaboration with Swedish Shoe Retailer Skolyx (one of their first retailer and helpers to grow the brand) whose close workings with famous shoe blogger Jesper Ingelvaldsson, of Shoegazing, instantly gained them immediate attention in the shoe industry. Combining a strong marketing plan with extremely well-made shoes that offered something unique (the slimmest waists around) ensured TLB’s instant success in the industry. And as a marketer and shoe brand owner myself, I have to tip my hat to them for their execution of it all. It was very well played. And now, a few years later, they are easily considered one of Spain’s best (ever) and are gaining a lot of traction in the online community of shoes, which is rightfully deserved.

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